Historical Reference

Sitting here in April 2024, we are over two decades since the first Friends of Governor Dick group organized to save Governor Dick Hill from indiscriminate logging and broad pesticide/herbicide spraying, and the yet-to-be-built Education Center (concern over lack of need and ongoing costs to operate). Throughout the years, the efforts and membership of the Friends group have fluctuated as they encountered numerous obstacles, often erected by individuals adept at avoiding actions beneficial to the Governor Dic forest. Even now, many of these obstacles persist, along with familiar opponents who opposed the Friends’ early efforts back in 2002.

This section of the current Friends website is dedicated to the pioneers of our group. We have uncovered possibly their original website that has long since been abandoned (hosted on a then-free web hosting service that has been overtaken by ads, making the original site unreadable—without digging into the code behind the rendered site); however, it contains a wealth of information so we are preserving it here (augmenting with graphics from the current version of the Friends group).

If you take the time to read through the historical website pages, review the “paper” archive scanned into this PDF document from members of the original group, this PDF document compiled by the park trustees; and are familiar with the efforts of the current Friends group, you will see history repeating itself with each harvest the park trustees sanction within the park!

Topics from the original Friends of Governor Dick Site: