Meet Friends of Governor Dick

Perhaps you have heard of Friends of Governor Dick, but if you haven’t, allow us to introduce ourselves; Friends of Governor Dick is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit, formed from a diverse group of residents and visitors to the Governor Dick Park who wish to promote the continued health of the forest. Read on for how you […]

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Historic Preservation

“What is this place?” That’s a question we often get at the Mount Gretna Visitors Center, or “My car slows down on its own when I approach Mount Gretna.” What makes people love visiting Mount Gretna (other than ice cream)? One could go into a lengthy explanation, but the resulting answer can be short: preservation

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Nature Conservation Easements

I am sharing my experience of acquiring a “Conservation Easement” granted by The Lebanon Valley Conservancy (LVC) and what it means to our family and community. As a child, my Uncle Phares sparked my interest in nature through hiking, fishing, bird watching, observing wildlife, and understanding of the natural environment.  The land protected in the

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The Growing Recognition and Use of Improved Forest Management Programs for Local Forest Landowners

Trees reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air and converting it into the biomass of the tree.  By deferring, limiting, or eliminating future timber harvesting, forest landowners can generate Greenhouse Gas emission reductions and removals and receive compensation from project proponents or the purchaser(s) of the

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Hard work ahead!

Ever have an issue with your computer and the first thing the IT professional asked was “Did you reboot?” The trustees for Governor Dick have a similar standby response for any “negative” act of nature that occurs in the woodlands of Governor Dick—“cut it down!” Unlike your computer, the old standby for the forest, cut

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The spirit of Mount Gretna

I am a recent transplant to the area—I read about Mount Gretna in a Pennsylvania travel magazine while waiting for a dentist appointment in 2009. For years, I could not get the utopian village described in that article out of my head, so in 2012 I started an annual tradition of spending the last week of

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